March 10, 2018



Through our platform we provide collaborative content on news, views and commentaries relating to 4IR.


Through our platform we undertake and commission collaborative research projects to inform and educate.


Through our platform we facilitate collaborative events as conduit for dialogue to co-create workable solutions

In a nutshell

Making informed decisions in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times spawned by current megatrends is a daunting task. The 4IR Forum aims to provide the context, chronicle and the dialogue for navigating 4IR. We collaborate and work with like-minded individuals and organisations to ensure relevant and contemporary content, events, and platforms for co-creating solutions.

Help us build the collaborative ecosystem

In pursuance of an integrated and comprehensive response involving all stakeholders of the global community, we invite like-minded individuals and organisations to help us shape a collaborative ecosystem in order to democratise 4IR. For starters, we invite you to join our LinkedIn Group.